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Welcome to Marcus School of Motoring

Whatever driving experience you have - from the complete beginner to the mature motorist who just wants to brush up their skills - Marcus can help you achieve your goals. 

What to expect

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I've been a qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) for more than 10 years and have a very high pass rate when it comes to the driving test.

Being nervous is normal when you're going through the learning process, but rest assured that I am qualified to deal compassionately with all types of drivers.


I aim to make lessons fun as well as informative. We will progress through them at a pace that suits your level and if you make a mistake - most learners will mess up plenty of times! - I won't shout. Instead I will offer calm and considerate advice on how to do things better next time. 

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Car & meeting points

I can arrange driving lessons with you in my manual transmission VW Polo with dual controls and can also teach you in your own car once you are at a level where it would be safe to do so.


We can meet for lessons at your home, school/college/place of work or some other mutually convenient spot such as a supermarket car park.

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Of course, if you're a beginner with a learner permit we will cover the full EDT (Essential Driver Training) course (see, after which I will prepare you for the driving test itself - for example by conducting a mock test.

If you're doing your test soon and your own instructor isn't available for lessons, contact me and I will make myself available if at all possible.


Or perhaps you've done the test before and it didn't go well for whatever reason. Again, I'd be happy to work through the issues identified on your test result sheet so that you can be better prepared next time.

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New & experienced drivers

After you have passed your test, I can also offer - and would strongly recommend - a motorway lesson on the M1 or M50 or both so that you are properly prepared for driving in higher-speed conditions.

And for experienced drivers who just want to improve their skills, I would be very happy to help. The majority of motorists on our roads today haven't had the benefit of learning through the modern EDT programme, the introduction of which has massively reduced road fatalities, and it's my strong view that these drivers would benefit from a couple of lessons. 
Whatever your level, you have my full commitment to help make you a safe driver.

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